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GOP senator pledges insulin probe as Congress holds hearings

Jan 29, 2019

Senate committee opens hearings on high U.S. prescription drug prices and how the government might put the brakes on them. Pharmaceutical industry says price spikes of recent years have stabilized.

Poll: Support for 'Medicare-for-all' fluctuates with details

Jan 23, 2019

Poll: Support for 'Medicare-for-all' fluctuates with details pro and con

Arizona is only state where tribes avoid Medicaid work rules

Jan 19, 2019

About 120,000 Arizonans who receive Medicaid benefits will have to get a job, do community service or temporarily lose health coverage

ACA mandate gone, but a few states still require coverage

Jan 1, 2019

The mandate directing individuals to obtain health insurance or face tax penalties is ending for most, but not all Americans

Liz Weston: It's time to fix Social Security's tax burden

Dec 24, 2018

Over half of Social Security recipients are taxed on at least part of their benefits - and the proportion is rising

Trump says goal of proposal is to lower some US drug prices

Oct 26, 2018

President Donald Trump announces plan to help lower prescription drug prices

Trump administration unveils health options for small firms

Oct 23, 2018

Officials say the Trump administration is rolling out new options for small employers to use tax-free accounts to provide health coverage for workers

US wants drug prices in TV ads: 'Patients deserve to know'

Oct 16, 2018

US wants drug prices included in TV ads: 'Patients deserve to know'

The Latest: US wants drugmakers to put prices in TV ads

Oct 15, 2018

Federal government wants drugmakers to disclose list price of prescription drugs in TV commercials

Democratic candidates focus on health care as midterms near

Oct 15, 2018

Democrats focus on health care as top issue to close out midterm campaigns


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