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The IRS is recalling 46,000 workers to handle tax returns

Jan 15, 2019

The Internal Revenue Service is recalling about 46,000 of its employees furloughed by the government shutdown _ nearly 60 percent of its workforce _ to handle tax returns and pay out refunds. The employees won't be paid.

Small business tax deduction has CPAs scratching their heads

Jan 9, 2019

Millions of small business owners will be in uncharted waters this tax season as they try to determine if they qualify for a deduction that could exempt one-fifth of their income from taxes

Administration: Government shutdown won't delay tax refunds

Jan 8, 2019

Trump administration: Partial government shutdown won't delay tax refunds

Liz Weston: 3 money tasks you need to do right now

Jan 7, 2019

Take care of these money tasks early in the new year and save yourself time, money and headaches later

House Dems urge sweeping reforms to boost voting, ethics

Jan 4, 2019

House Democrats are unveiling a comprehensive elections and ethics reform package that takes aim at what they call "the culture of corruption in Washington" and reduces the role of money in politics

Liz Weston: It's time to fix Social Security's tax burden

Dec 24, 2018

Over half of Social Security recipients are taxed on at least part of their benefits - and the proportion is rising

Appeals court agrees to hear case involving Trump DC hotel

Dec 21, 2018

Federal appeals court agrees to hear lawsuit accusing Donald Trump of profiting off the presidency

Greece is recovering but its taxpayers face years of pain

Dec 20, 2018

Greece's tax office resorts to draconian tactics after bailouts leave mammoth bill

How taxpayers can deal with new state, local deduction caps

Dec 19, 2018

A new rule caps the state and local taxes you can deduct on your federal tax return; tax pros say there are a few ways to cope

Pelosi says House Dems will start seeking Trump tax returns

Dec 13, 2018

Nancy Pelosi says Democrats running the House next year will make initial moves toward getting President Donald Trump's tax returns


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