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AP FACT CHECK: Undocumented GOP, Dem rhetoric on immigration

Feb 23, 2019

AP FACT CHECK: When the rhetoric over illegal immigration is undocumented, from Trump, GOP and Democrats

NJ lawmakers advance bill to pressure Trump to release taxes

Feb 21, 2019

President Donald Trump might not make it on the ballot in 2020 in New Jersey if he doesn't disclose his tax returns under a measure the New Jersey Senate has approved

I owe how much? Americans shocked by impact of new tax law

Feb 19, 2019

Tax filing season under new law surprises, confuses _ and occasionally shocks _ some Americans

Average tax refunds fall, creating political flashpoint

Feb 14, 2019

Average tax refund falls for second week, creating potential political flashpoint for GOP

Double tap: Investors face taxes for funds that fell in 2018

Feb 14, 2019

As if the worst year for stocks in nearly a decade weren't bad enough, many investors now have to pay a tax bill on top of it

The Latest: Critics protest drilling in Arctic refuge

Feb 12, 2019

Critics of proposed oil lease sales in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge urged federal officials to consider the long-term environmental effects of petroleum extraction on northern Alaska

Democrats and GOP square off over Trump's tax returns

Feb 8, 2019

With Democrats now controlling the House and holding the legal key to seeking President Donald Trump's tax returns, Republican lawmakers are invoking privacy in defending Trump's flank

Kansas Democrats attack GOP tax plan as corporate give-away

Feb 8, 2019

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly's fellow Democrats are attacking a Republican tax relief plan approved by the state Senate as a give-away to large corporations but GOP leaders believe it helping businesses will help the economy

Judge denies Hawaii's move to get Airbnb host records

Feb 7, 2019

A judge denied Hawaii's move to compel Airbnb to hand over a decade of vacation rental receipts as the state examines whether hosts have been paying the equivalent of hotel and sales taxes

Clash in Kansas over tax relief quickly coming to a head

Feb 7, 2019

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly's election victory and gains in the Kansas Legislature by conservative Republicans are setting up a clash over tax relief that is quickly coming to a head in a Senate debate.


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