Private Equity Management

Man accused of using makeup artist, disguise in fraud scheme

Jan 25, 2018

A Louisiana man charged with scamming investors and banks out of more than $96 million is accused of disguising himself as an Orthodox Jewish businessman to raise money from a New York private equity group

Romney mentor, Bain & Co. founder, William Bain Jr. dies

Jan 18, 2018

William Bain Jr., who founded global consulting and private equity businesses that helped drive the career of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, has died

Insurer Humana pushes deeper into delivery of health care

Dec 19, 2017

Humana buys part of Kindred Healthcare's home health business, the latest example of a health insurer growing more involved in the delivery of health care

Jack in the Box selling Qdoba for $305 million

Dec 19, 2017

Jack in the Box selling Qdoba to private equity firm for $305 million in cash

Massachusetts currency manufacturer sold for $800M

Dec 6, 2017

The Massachusetts company that for nearly 140 years has supplied the paper used to make U.S. currency has been sold for $800 million to a similarly named Connecticut company

Nestle buying vitamin, supplement maker Atrium Innovations

Dec 5, 2017

Nestle, the maker of Hot Pockets and Purina dog food, is expanding into vitamins and nutritional supplements by buying privately-held Atrium Innovations for $2.3 billion

Nestle to buy health products maker Atrium for $2.3 billion

Dec 5, 2017

Swiss consumer goods company Nestle says it is buying Atrium Innovations, a privately-held maker of nutritional health products, for $2.3 billion in cash

Meat-loving Arby's buying Buffalo Wild Wings

Nov 28, 2017

Arby's is buying casual dining chain Buffalo Wild Wings in a deal valued at about $2.4 bullion

What Powell brings to Fed post: A gift for forging consensus

Nov 3, 2017

What Powell brings to Fed chairmanship: Broad experience and a gift for consensus-building

Qatari-Palestinian cellular network launches in Gaza

Oct 24, 2017

A Palestinian-Qatari cellular network has launched operations in Gaza, becoming the second provider there


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