Mi decentralized community self government public chain: building a financial ecology of defi without boundary and decentralization

Oct 24, 2020

With the vigorous development of information technology, human civilization has entered a new height. However, as a value consensus, digital currency is limited to a very small number of geeks. Because it has no intrinsic value, it is extremely unstable and easy to be manipulated, and there is no mature application scenario. It also needs to solve a series of problems, including security, efficiency, identity management and so on. But the rise of digital currency is reshaping people's value consensus. With the continuous development of blockchain and digital currency, it is possible to create a digital currency system that is generally accepted by the world. Mi public chain is using the means of information technology to make trust no longer a problem, so that the blockchain restructures the production relationship and rebuild the trust consensus Mi decentralized community autonomous ecological public chain is a well-known international blockchain technology laboratory jointly developed and built by several blockchain institutions. The laboratory has rich experience in global blockchain development, asset management, strategic planning and ecological application integration. Mi is not only a kind of technological innovation, but also the driving force of the top business models to realize their own and industry transformation. Based on the advantages of MI underlying technology, MI plans to launch multiple active networks in the global financial field at the same time to create value for the financial system. Mi public chain will build a blockchain payment underlying system, which mainly includes: building Mi underlying basic platform to provide blockchain support services for digital economy; providing industry application solutions for blockchain; developing reasonable blockchain application model for the third party in combination with the actual situation of various industries; and building a block chain infrastructure Mi ecosystem, integrating industrial assets, and realizing industry finance docking services. At the same time, MI public chain opens KPI interface, provides open source community resources for the world, so that more platforms and institutions in the field can develop their own ecosystem based on the technology of MI public chain. Decentralized mining, decentralized Dao community governance, decentralized defi protocol, decentralized lending platform, decentralized stable currency, decentralized storage, decentralized homogeneous token, decentralized cross chain communication, etc. Mi system innovatively absorbs and sublates the traditional Internet and business model, and uses the underlying blockchain technology to create an open and decentralized new application form for users.   Mi is a new blockchain financial solution based on the underlying cross chain technology. Through the underlying cross chain technology, it links the main blockchain networks in the decentralized world, creates an open-source, decentralized and high-performance value network, empowers the financial industry and opens a new financial era of blockchain. Specifically, MI is a blockchain project to realize cross chain transaction and multi asset interworking, and it is also a complete blockchain development platform. In the future, a decentralized international community will be established to attract international high-quality blockchain public chain, international financial institutions, international digital asset supervision institutions, international outstanding scientific and technological personnel, and international demand parties of various real industries on the chain to join the club District organization, to maintain the normal development and operation of MI community and products, is responsible for managing the raised digital assets and security. Mi contains native currency, supports smart contract, and has privacy protection mechanism of smart contract token transaction. According to the application scenarios, any developer can develop financial and service applications that meet the needs on MI.   The initial core functions of MI mainly include multi currency cross-border remittance based on cross chain technology, multi currency savings and cross currency lending. Through gravity mapping, smart contract, open platform and other powerful system structure, it can ensure the smooth service, the security of information, the integrity of financial business logic and supporting structure. Its profit model optimizes the traditional financial business scenarios by copying, which will subvert the single profit logic of traditional digital token. Mi's future aims to build Internet trust cornerstone, innovate blockchain infrastructure, take the establishment of value Internet system as its mission, and finally build a set of convenient, borderless, anti censorship and privacy resistant cryptocurrency and financial infrastructure serving billions of people around the world, so as to realize the borderless and barrier free circulation of digital currency. Mi public chain has carried out a series of innovation in blockchain technology and concept, providing complete blockchain technology solutions, making Mi public chain expected to become a bridge between the blockchain world and the real business world. At the same time, we should constantly expand the application and technology boundaries of blockchain technology, so that ordinary Internet users can feel the value of blockchain technology, and build a new ecosystem of developers and users based on blockchain technology. In terms of consensus mechanism, considering the degree of decentralization, practicability, technical reliability and anti blocking, it realizes the basic functions of distributed network, ledger, consensus, gateway, distributed transaction, multi currency transaction, wallet, payment, digital asset issuance and other basic functions, so as to make the intelligent contract of blockchain more practical and conform to business rules, and build a bridge from the real world to the blockchain world, Better support for financial services. At present, MI has been promoted and applied by MIT and mil communities in China. DAPP games and blockchain agriculture are carried out to preach MI and build a strong consensus node. Based on DAPP mining game, MIT establishes primary ecosystem for MI, and achieves strong flow input, and mill (rice chain) makes use of it Using Mi bottom technology to reform the enterprise chain for agricultural products, the significance of the existence of blockchain is truly realized. In the future, Mi will establish a decentralized international community, which will be launched simultaneously in Berlin, New York, Riga, Kiev, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Dubai. Mi's ultimate vision is to build a distributed financial services ecological platform, realize the cross ledger transfer of assets by establishing the connection between different blockchain accounts, and provide an infrastructure for financial applications based on digital pass and digital assets. The function of carrying value and transmitting value of blockchain will be brought to the extreme, the concept of equality and openness of blockchain will be brought to the extreme, and Mi will make the assets of millions of people more free.

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